Hi, my name is Bill Moore. Outlaw Drummers is a concept I came up with to express my frustration with the concept I keep running into from supposed "Authorities" on the "subject."


"That is just the way it is always done."

My First Question is "Why is it always done like that?"

Next thing I know, I am labeled an Outlaw for questioning Authority.

What I have found in My research into health is that the Authority on health care have been misled in many ways and aren't always as knowledgeable as the think they are.

I have embraced my questioning nature and have gone Outlaw on them. First with my Drumming and now with my whole health care.

My Health and Mental Well Being have been better without the Medication.

(Do Not Just Stop Medication. Doctors Got you on Them, They need to monitor you're getting off them for your safety.)

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What is Outlaw Drummers?

Bill's Bio-

Djembe Hand Drum Teacher since 1998

Earth Beat Drum and Dance 1999-2001

Phoenix Rising Drum and Dance 2001-2004

Drumatic Innovation 2007-2009  Working with children in Schools doing Team Building and Cognitive Development in K-12.

AA Degree w/ emphasis on Music 2011

BA Degree in Psychology/Mind Body Medicine 2013-- Internships - Lakewood Wa. VA Medical Center (PTSD and Drug and Alcohol Recovery) - Evergreen Nursing and Rehabilitation Olympia Wa. (Dementia/ Alzhiemers) - Private LMHC Lacey Wa. (PTSD and Mood Disorders)

Author -- Rhythm Healing; PTSD and Beyond 2013

Harmony Hill Cancer Retreat Union Wa.  2013-2015

Soul Dance LLC - CEO - Rhythm Therapist 2012-2015

World Rhythm Festival Seattle Wa. since 2012--  Free Rhythm Healing Workshops

Author -- Desert Storm: and the War Inside Myself 2015

Rock Bands:

Bent - Hand Drums and Backup Vocals

Outlaw Drummers Band- Founder- Hand drums and Backup Vocals