What is Stress and how does it effect our body?

Stress causes or increases every known human ailment, but is the last thing dealt with in our busy lives. For we humans, every day fears of future or past can have the same effect as a gazelle being chased by a lion. The fight, flight, or freeze kicks in and the body starts to shut down none vital processes which are not required to save our life. This includes things like digestion- Don't need to convert energy into digestion to get away from the lion, or sleep cycle- sleep is the last thing the body needs to get you away from that lion. The body also is not worried about the immune system either.

We don't deal with our stress and then wonder why we have digestion problems, sleeping issues, and are always coming down with the latest flu.

When this stress goes on and on for long periods, or is part of a single or mutiple tragic event, It does damage to the vital systems which regulate our brain.

The Body does have a system that is meant to heal that damage. It is called the Parasympathetic system. This system can be accessed through calming techniques and excelerated by tapping into your own creativity.

Each person access this system in their own way. Art therapy in any form, opens these doors for you.

Heath Care should be about helping us Feel and Look better.